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Successful Portfolio Cases - AGV
Established in 1998 in Vinhedo, São Paulo State, AGV is one of Brazil’s largest 
3PL logistics service providers. Operating under a light asset model with leased 
premises and trucks, it is located in strategic regions that are close to its clients 
and end-consumers, with shorter times and logistics chains. In 2016, AGV 
absorbed investments from the Kinea and GEF Capital private equity funds, 
splitting its operations into two business units the following year: AGV Health & 
Nutrition (H&N) and AGV Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).

Successful Portfolio Cases - BrSupply
Br Supply handles the distribution, sale and management of corporate supplies in the fields of IT, office materials, sanitary goods, cleaning products, industrial safety and meals, all unrelated to the core businesses of its clients.
Successful Portfolio Cases - Bug Agentes Biologicos
The company develops and manufactures pest bio control solutions, particularly microbiological tests (parasitic insects). Established by eSalq researchers, at the time of the investment it was noteworthy on the market for its innovative technologies and environmentally friendly solutions. In 2013 it was selected by Fast & Co. as one of the world`s fifty most innovative companies. The investment was earmarked for expanding its production facilities.
Successful Portfolio Cases - Burger King Brasil
Set up in 2011 as a joint venture with Burger King Corp., with the intention of becoming the Master Franchisee for this brand in Brazil, with exclusive rights to develop, operate and approve franchised BK stores in Brazil, Burger King had just over 100 outlets in Brazil. Despite its timid presence and limited penetration, the brand was familiar to Brazilian consumers, who appreciated its value. Here, Vinci detected an opportunity for rapid expansion, mainly through opening its own stores, underpinned by financial capital, structuring processes/governance and a management model. In addition to steering fund-raising processes and guiding capital allocation decisions, Vinci established an aggressive expansion plan with more than 800 stores in Brazil by 2019, far outstripping market growth rates.
Successful Portfolio Cases - CELESC
Established in 1955, CeleSC is a power generation and distribution utility in Santa Catarina State. Distributing some two million gWh/ month, it ranks sixth among Brazil`s electricity distributors by supply revenues, seventh by distributed volume and tenth by consumer units.
A mixed-ownership enterprise controlled by the Santa Catarina State Government and listed at Tier 2 on the Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3), it employs over 3000 people, with gross revenues of BRL 12 billion in 2018.
A minority shareholder in CeleSC with more than BRL 190 billion in assets, the Previ pension fund hired Angra to manage this asset in order to enhance its value, prior to divestment.
Successful Portfolio Cases - Forno de Minas Alimentos

Established in 1990 with the cheese puff recipe of the family matriarch Dona Maria Dalva Couto Mendonça, it pioneered the launch of frozen cheese

puffs on the Brazilian market. Sold to a foreign conglomerate in 1999, it was repurchased by its founders ten years later. Underpinned by investments and the input of Crescera since 2010, it has been expanding steadily, diversifying its products and distribution channels. In addition to products typical of its home state (Minas Gerais) such as cheese puffs and cornbreads, it is today also producing foods from other countries, including waffles (USA), croissants (France) and frozen stuffed pastas (Italy). 

Successful Portfolio Cases - Grupo São Francisco
With a track record stretching back more than seventy years, GSF is one of the largest healthcare groups in Brazil. Owning more than a hundred of its units, with over 7,000 accredited practitioners and more than 7,000 direct employees, it has some two million beneficiaries. The GSF group consists of: São Francisco Saúde, which is Brazil’s fourth largest group medicine operator; São Francisco Odonto, one of Brazil’s best dental plan operators; São Francisco Resgate, which heads up the highway medevac sector, and São Francisco Saúde Ocupacional. This group has eight hospitals, including the Hospital São Francisco, which is the largest private hospital in Ribeirão Preto, focused on high-complexity specialties, with more than seventy clinics and centers in five states in Brazil.
Successful Portfolio Cases - Mãe Terra
Established in 1979, Mãe Terra is an organic food producer that has always held firmly to the belief that wholesome food made from ingredients that are as close to nature as possible is a key factor for a healthy and evenly balanced life. The company has thus become one of the leading businesses in the whole foods sector. During the past few years, it has started to shift its business focus: while its main products were once commodities, they are now items with high added value, such as cookies, cereal bars, crackers and others. From 2017 onwards, its revenues soared fourfold, with a product line that now encompasses organic flours and quinoa, organic wholegrain snacks, chips and granolas.
Successful Portfolio Cases - Mosyle
A start-up in the EdTech sector established by Alcyr Araújo, Mosyle developed a trail-blazing mobile device management (MDM) tool on Brazil’s education market. It is currently getting settled in the USA as the next step in an internationalization process underwritten through funds invested by DGF. With more than 12,000 clients all over the world, it is acknowledged by Apple on its Pricing List, and offers two main solutions: Mosyle Manager, for the education market; and Mosyle Business, for the B2B market in general.
Successful Portfolio Cases - Total Voice
Fast tracked by Darwin Startups, Total Voice was an active player in the Santa Catarina State business sector, heading up the VOIP telephone market . It was acquired by Zenvia in order to include the following options in its services: API voice calls; automated TTS voice messages ; teleconferencing; and telephone switchboard configurations. This acquisition was prompted largely by the Total Voice technology.
Successful Portfolio Cases - Yller Biomateriais S.A

Established in 2012 and in operation since March 2014, Yller started out as a simple outsourcing option for the development and production of white-label goods for third parties. Specializing in the development and sale of dental consumables (such as adhesives, resins, silicones, sealants, dental cement and whiteners) used by dentists for a wide variety of dental treatments, it works with some forty products split up into around 115 SKUs that are sold in more than 500 dental supply outlets all over Brazil. It is also already exporting to some countries in Latin America.

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