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7/5/2016 - 7/8/2016

International Investor Mission to Brazil - Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo

The Investor Mission is aimed at qualified international investors* that have an interest in seeing for themselves what is the current investment scenario in Brazil. The program provides closed-door meetings with the country´s principal leaders in the industry, participation in ABVCAP`s Annual Conference and the LP-only morning, and private meetings with fund managers and companies.

To know more please contact Robert Linton

AGENDA – DAY 1 (Tuesday, July 5th )

12:00      Keynote Luncheon

Brazil Today and Tomorrow: An Overview of the Brazilian Political and Economic
 Scenarios Now and the Perspectives for the Future

As the dessert is served participating Limited Partners will hear from Paulo Guedes on his views of Brazil´s position today in terms of politics and economics and his perspectives for the future.

13:30     Snapshot: The Brazilian Private Equity and Venture Capital Industry

An overview of the Brazilian asset class including comparative data on past years´ fundraising, investment, divestment and sectors. 

14:10     Key Issues for Investing in Brazil´s Private Equity and Venture Capital

Legal considerations for investments, due diligence, valuation and other specifics on PEVC deals in Brazil. Experts will be available for open-mic questions. 

14:30     The PE Perspective

Fund managers will share their views on investing in private equity and venture deals today in Brazil, on the impact that FX and the current macro scenario has had on returns, valuation and selection of companies and perspectives for the long-term investor.

15:30     Coffee Break

 16:00     Sector Roundtable: Infrastructure

A fund manager with their invested companies and Limited Partner will share their knowledge on infrastructure, its main challenges and opportunities.

16:30     The VC Perspective

Recently IBGE, the Brazilian Research and Statistics Agency, confirmed what several local VCs have been predicting, the Internet access of Brazilians is mainly mobile. In this session, GPs will share their views on venture capital deals, sectors that haven remained attractive in spite of the crisis and the needs technology has and will continue to cover in the future.  

17:10     Fund Manager Showcase

                A brief presentation of fund managers with new products in the market.

18:30     Welcome Dinner               

ABVCAP will host a special dinner to, formally, welcome international LPs and partners attending the conference.              



AGENDA – DAY 2 (Wednesday, July 6th)

LP-Only Morning
07:30     Welcome Coffee

08:00     Welcome Remarks


08:10     Data Presentation: The Global and Local LP Perspectives on Investments in PEVC in Brazil
Experts will present the results of the survey conducted by ABVCAP on global and local LP views on investments in PEVC in Brazil today and their perspectives for the future


09:00     The Debate: Brazi Rewired: Navigating Turbulent Waves in private Equity
What is the impact of the current global and local economic crisis on Brazil?

                What is the main pressure for liquidity among investors?

                Confidentiality – is there a limitation for the development of the secondaries market in Brazil?

                What are the immediate and medium-term changes in the relationship between GPs and LPs in regards to governance, due diligence and reports?             

10:00      Fund Portfolio Management in Adverse Moments

                Perspectives from seasoned, global institutional investors about the challenges and opportunities of PE investments during good and bad times.

 11:00      Adjournment

 ABVCAP 2016 Conference

 12:00     Welcome Lunch

13:30     Opening Remarks

13:50     Session 1: Brazil Rewired

14:30     Session 2: Data: The evolution of the Brazilian PEVC industry, its position in the regional scenario and the perspectives of Global and Local Investors

15:20     Keynote: The Global PE Barometer

                Frank Morgan, President, Coller Capital

15:50     Coffee Break

16:00     Session 4: Fundraising: Brazil Still a Key Market for Long-term PE Investors

17:00     Session 5: Why PE Makes a Difference?

                Successful PE-backed companies will share their views on the differential a GP can bring to business

17:50     The Press Awards and the Presentation of ABVCAP´s New Board of Directors

19:00     Cocktail

20:00     Adjournment

 AGENDA – DAY 3 (Thursday, July 7th)

ABVCAP 2016 Conference
08:00     Welcome Coffee

08:30     Session6: The Venture Forum

This session presents innovative companies with high potential of expansion in search of PEVC resources

10:00     Session 7: Strategic Management and Governance

This session will bring experts to share their insights on how the industry of PEVC has helped companies with their governance and management and the importance of it to investors.

10:30     Networking break

11:00     Session 8: All Eyes on Brazil: The Perspective of Global Fund Managers

Global fund managers active in Brazil will share their views on Brazil and the country´s position in their global portfolios

11:50     Session 9: Distressed Investing: Risks and Opportunities for the Brazilian Market

The session will bring experts in global distressed investing to share their experiences and identify potential opportunities and risks for the Brazilian market

12:30     Session 10: PEVC Education: Building Talent for the Future

This session will address current initiatives in place to qualify professionals as well as the experience of developed markets in building excellence for their industries

13:00     Networking Lunch

14:00     Session 11: Investing in a Changing Environment: Sectors that Remain Attractive in Spite Market Oscilation

                Fund managers will share their views on what markets have remained strong in spite and will continue to grow in the long-term.

15:00     Session 12: The Brazilian Securities Exchange Commission and the Brazilian PEVC Industry

                CVM, the Brazilian version of the Securities and Exchange Commission will share their ongoing work and updates in the regulations of locally-structured funds.

15:40     Networking Break

16:10     Session 13: What 2017 Brings? A Macroeconomic Thermometer on Brazil´s Future
A team of three top economists will share their views on what is ahead for Brazil.

17:00     Session 14: Secondaries: An Expanding Market in Brazil
In the past years secondary deals have become more and more popular within the local PEVC community.  Experts will share their views on the current scenario and perspectives for the long-term.

17:40     Closing Keynote

18:30     Adjournment

AGENDA – DAY 4 (Friday, July 8th)

LP-GP Private Meetings
This is a closed-door session aimed at facilitating one-on-one meetings between Limited Partners and local fund managers at one place to reduce cost and time to move from one office to the other. Interested LPs will be identify the GPs, which they want to have closed-door meetings. The coordination is done by ABVCAP`s team. The meetings run from 40-60 minutes.
09:00     Welcome Coffee

09:30     Meeting 1

10:30     Meeting 2

11:30     Meeting 3

12:30     Meeting 4

 *Family offices, SWF, DFI, Fund of funds, Pension funds, Foundations, Endowments, Insurance Cos, Investment Banks.

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